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Yoga Chart for FREE Download

download link for PDF version of yoga chart

PLEASE NOTE: This is a rather large image file (400kB). The image can be printed onto A3 size paper at reasonable quality.

For your FREE copy, click here - yoga chart (image size 2500 X 1734 pixels, file size 400 kilobytes).

We strongly advise you to first learn the yoga exercises from a suitably qualified teacher, before attempting any of the illustrated postures for the first time. Do only what is well within your capacity. There is no competition in yoga. The yoga postures are primarily designed to help focus the mind inward, to discipline the body and curb the outgoing senses. The yoga postures have a spiritual purpose, and each posture should be accompanied by repetition of mantra. The yoga postures are for the upliftment of the consciousness

Please feel free to contact us if you would like any advice regarding the practice of yoga. You may write to us at sivayogadivine@gmail.com.

Thankyou for your interest in Hatha Yoga!

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