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Kamala Devi

Raga Bahar

Bahar is a Spring season raga.

Often used in Krishna bhajans, this particular song seems to be about Sri Krishna dancing on the head of the Kaliya Serpent.

Bhavani Dayani

The Goddess Bhavani represents the energy, or 'shakti', aspect of the universe.

Bhavani is the 'knower of all beings' and is worshipped by all, 'gods' and human beings.

Dina neeke beete jaate hai

Sumirana kara mana Rama Nama. O Mind, spend the day in constant rememberance of Rama.

The purpose of prayer songs is to bring the mind closer to 'God' or the Supreme Being. You reap what you sow.

Prema Mudita Mana se Kaho

O Mind, sing the name of Rama with love and devotion.

The name of Rama dispels the sorrow of embodied existence and helps one to cross over the Ocean of Samsara.

Nada Yoga

Music is a synthesis of various yogas or paths to God-realisation. Besides, it enjoys the unique privilege of defying one of the fundamental spiritual doctrines, ie that which is pleasant is not good and that which is good is not necessarily pleasant. It is in music that you find the sole exception to this rule. It is both pleasant and good - Preya and Sreya, in the terminology of the Kathopanishad.

Audio Recordings of Kamala Devi

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Radha Krishna Prayer

The meaning is: Radha is the individual seeker who wishes to reach a higher state of consciousness. Krishna the Supreme Soul, the Infinite Being, is represented by the Guru, or the Master. He is the link which binds the individual soul with the higher consciousness. Radha sees that without Krishna life is devoid of meaning. Even so, until the seeker meets the Guru, life is dreary, everything is empty. It is only when the seeker meets the Guru, life has a meaning, and a goal which is Self Realisation.

Click the following link to listen:

 • Bol Hare - [ mp3 | 7.8 MB | 8:09 min ]

Swami Nada Brahmananda - 93rd birthday (1988)

Kamala Devi - Background

Before beginning to walk, she began doing alternate nostril breathing and kapalabhati. As soon as she could walk, she began doing yoga exercises. She began to play flute (bansoori) and violin at a young age.

To understand this Sama Veda science, one has to practice it with single-minded devotion. Many hours of clapping tala, and singing ragas, over a period of years is required. Considerable physical discipline and mental control is required, along with control of the breath. Kamala Devi also practises control of diet (mitahara), and has been a complete sattvic vegetarian from birth.

Kamala Devi has a Bachelor Degree in Built Environment and Interior Design. She has chosen to devote her time and energy in developing Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound, and the study of Ayur Veda.

True Nada Yoga creates a higher state of mind in the practitioner. A state only understood through direct experience. It becomes part and parcel of that being's mind. This state of mind cannot be comprehended by the ordinary worldly minded person, whose mind is continually distracted by worldly desires and anxieties. Nada Yoga, like all of the other traditional forms of yoga, is for the purpose of looking after the mind, through physical and mental discipline.


Swami Amshananda

'Kamala Devi' 4 yrs 'Kamala Devi' 4 yrs Kamala Devi 4 yrs
Kamala Devi 1986 - cobra posture Dunedin Kamala Devi 1986 - locust posture

Kamala Devi