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Sri Swami Nada Brahmananda

Music Master - Nada Yogi

A great living exponent of the science of Thaan was Swami Nada Brahmananda

Sri Swami Nada Brahmanandaji - The Master

The Science of Thaan had its greatest exponent in Thaan Sen, the Master songster, who flourished in the heyday of the Moghul Empire under Akbar the Great. Thaan Sen was Akbar's Court musician and a great favourite of the Emperor. He developed this intricate science to the highest peak of perfection ... A great living exponent of this science of Thaan was Swami Nada Brahmananda.

Swami Nada Brahmanandaji has attained a rare mastery over this most difficult science by an extremely painstaking and arduous period of discipleship under masters of the Thaan Sen Gharana. Chiefly he attributes his knowledge to intense training under two masters, viz., for a period of three years under the venerable Alladiya Khan of Kolhapur State, and under the aged Tata Bua of Banaras for another period of seven years. These were years of unremitting toil, training, personal service and laborious practice. Nada Brahmanandaji practised day and night. He could hardly get enough sleep. He kept practising far into the small hours of the morning. He has now attained such a degree of mastery in this line that he shines as a unique phenomenon among exponents of today. He manifests an amazing control over the vocal system. Manipulating his articulation in most intricate manners to perfect and split second timings, he is able to produce Thaan of astonishing types that could be hardly thought capable of being produced.

The secret of Nada Brahmanandaji's genius may be said to lie in his control over the rate of vibration and its location in any part of the body at will. By this technique it is claimed that various diseases affecting different parts of the body can be cured as well as prevented through this internal vibration. The impulse of vocal vibration is diverted along any limb or the trunk to any part of the anatomy even as a current of electricity is directed along the circuit to any desired place or object. The peculiar feature here is that the vocal vibration thus directed is of the same rate of the corresponding Thaan that is being produced by the singer at a particular moment. Swami Nada Brahmanandaji is himself a living testimony to this claim and he has not known a single day of illness.

- Swami Chidananda

Pujya Swami Nada Brahmanandaji (1896 - 1993)

- Born May 5, 1896. Samadhi May 30, 1993

The Modern Taansen of India, he has perfected the Science of Taan (the stretching and weaving of notes in rapid succession), mantra chanting and the invocation of God's name. He has studied with Sri Sadasiva Bua, Karnataka of South India, Ustad Ali Khan of Kolhapur and Tata Bua-ji of Banares. He has given his rare gift to only a few.

Swami Nada Brahmanandaji was an encyclopedia of vedic hymns and nada yoga. His name and achievements have been written in every language in India. He was always humble and never boasted about his achievements.

Swami Sivananda has written: 'It is a pity that these two divine arts, music and dance, have been brought down to the level of sensuous entertainment'.

One come correct, all come correct!